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    Brazilian Italian, I was born at the end of the 80s in the south of Brazil, in a city colonized by Italians. I am a dreamer, I have always been fascinated by fashion and I am determined to make my dreams come true. I am very curious about human behaviour, feelings and women’s empowerment. I consider myself an intense person, I try to live every moment and I place great value on family and friendship. I am also very passionate about travelling and getting to know new cultures. I am fond of the beach and the country side, of nature in general. I have a soundtrack for every moment of my life, I love music!
   My working life starts in public schools, where I experienced realities different from mine that taught me the art of empathy. I have been working as an educator for many years, while being a Psychology student. After my Bachelor’s Degree I have continued along this path, after having attended a few classes about Fashion History, and having got excited for every single word from my teacher. I’ve studied Fashion Design for three years and, even more fascinated, I decided to venture out in the world, travelling to that one country that I had always loved without having ever been there: Italy. First, I stayed in Lisbon for sixth months, where I met inspiring people, and then I hit the road to Italy.
   At the beginning of 2018,  I decided to study Fashion Styling: I believe in the sensations clothes give us when we choose them, fashion is beyond business and trade. It is not just about the product, there is always something deeper, life is a performance and we are characters full of emotions and history. Fashion, just like photography, is an expression of the human being and should touch feelings with both hands, that is the essence that I would like to convey with my works.

Made in Brazil, living in the world.

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