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What or who inspires you in your life? The kind of inspiration that encourages you to be better and pursue your dreams?

A deep connection between grandmother and granddaughter results in a tribute, or rather, a celebration for her courage to cross the ocean at the age of 79 and step into Italy for the first time. She, who is the reason why I love this place, because it was through the stories she was told about Italy and that she told me, we imagined this country and its culture. She, who is an example of a woman who always fought for her wishes, who raised her four children going out for work. She, who knows how to have fun and likes to be surrounded by people. She, who was also responsible for influencing me about the world of fashion, photography and soap operas. Shopping together is synonymous with joy and sharing of ideas and tastes. She, who is known to be a person who has always liked to dress up and be in elegant clothes, bringing charm to the small village where she lives. She, my inspiration.

Photographer | Stylist: Jaque Vuelma


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