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Inspired by the documentary experimental project of Quentin Lacombe resulting in an explosion of new season colors and shapes.

Guided by his passion for astronomy, Quentin Lacombe developed his personal cosmology through photography in order to portray philosophical reflections in an aesthetic/hypotherapeutic context. To do that he used everyday items: stars, animals, organic matter, technological artefacts, architectural objects. He mixed them and let them move in his universus, more specifically around a black hole. The black hole is a phenomenon known as “event horizon”, which causes distortions of time/space, lightening everything around it. Inspired by the work of the aforementioned photographer, in the spectacular images full of colors that the universe produces, and in the concept of sublime, this editorial brings in a duality of contrasts of this theme applied to fashion. The result are composite scenarios with an explosion of colors and textures, obtaned through modern shapes that take us into the fantastical and immensurable word of space.

Photographer: Ruggero Lupo Mengoni 
Stylist | Post Production: Jaque Vuelma 
Model: Sarah Sardi 
MUA: Ilaria Peebes


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