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In our contemporary melting pot of races, embracing diversities is the key.

Multiculturalism is what makes our world more beautiful and interesting. Many people are not prepared to accept what is different, because the different causes uncertainty. The debate around this theme is the subject of this editorial which aims to promote the acceptance and incorporation of different cultures in our territories and to value the possibility of being constituted as multi-ethnic nations. It brings this topic to light and makes us think about how we deal, as a society, with the ethnic, cultural and religious differences that surround us. Leave aside your prejudices, welcome the other and let’s color the world more and more.

Photographer: Maurizio Bavutti 

Stylist: Jaque Vuelma 

Supervisor Art Director: Ruggero Lupo Mengoni 

Models: Acuarela Beard and Chen Li 

MUA: Arianna Loiacono


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