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“I’m not just super-realistic drawings, I’m imperfect paintings most of the time.” Gabriela Baioto

The editorial “Reinvent yourself through the OCD” is a campaign to inspire and encourage, not only people with “obsessive compulsive disorder”, but also those who have some psychological blockage. The aim is to accept yourself and to try to turn the “problem” into something wonderful for your life through art. We always seek perfection and accept to “be imperfect” and showing it to the world can be liberating. You need to express who you are and what you feel... Freedom is the greatest aspiration. It was inspired by artist’s everyday actions that made her suffer. The “not perfect” was almost unbearable, and in a phase of self-acceptance and change invited me to do this work to express her pain and freedom.

Photographer: Guilherme Fernandes Photographer assistant: Juliano Rodrigues Fashion Stylist | Body Art: Gabriela Baioto 
Fashion Stylist | Concept: Jaque Vuelma Models: Emanuela Baioto, Tiago Ventura and Joaneta Sartori MakeUp | Hair: Gabriela Baioto e Jaque Vuelma


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